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Touring with Kiki(1)

Anyone who has seen Kiki’s recent images of London @ through a lay (wo)man’s lens will know that we met up for a photo-shoot along the Thames. We walked west to east and were lucky that not only did the sun shine for quite a while but that bridging the blogosphere friendship with reality worked so well for us both. It was a real pleasure to share Kiki’s enthusiasm for my familiar sights and to have to raise my game too. Seeing her marvellous array of images captured on a  50 mm lens shows how the narrower view gives a much better eye for details. Besides she is more disciplined than I am too!  Do take a look at her Visit to London galleries.

And tomorrow I’m rounding off with some black and white day and nigh shots as it is my preferred medium despite the gorgeous golden light of this wintry stroll along the Thames.

Useful links:
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3 thoughts on “Touring with Kiki(1)

  1. Hi Laura, such an great day, and that golden light! Amazing how two people looking at the exact same thing produces a slightly different view. I love the view along Blackfriar’s Bridge as well as your shot of Cannon Street Bridge and the reflection!
    I don’t know if I’m really more disciplined – I always thing I tend to “shoot around wildly” in the hope that the outcome is acceptable 😀 .
    Looking forward to your black & white pics – and hopefully we can repeat this great experience one day!

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