Touring with Kiki(2)

Monochrome shots from a tour guiding day with Kiki along the Southbank to Tower bridge. * As the light started to fade I’d switched the camera to high contrast mono and I especially like how people become shadowy silhouettes blending with the city.  Since I’m just starting to be more comfortable editing in Adobe’s creative cloud, some of these were raw file conversions. Click Gallery for closer views:


river Thames and the city of London by moonlight

* – see also previous post: Touring with Kiki(1)
And to see Kiki’s images from this photoshoot + more shots from her London visit go to: through a lay (wo)man’s lens


4 thoughts on “Touring with Kiki(2)

  1. Wow! I LOVE how these turned out! My Tower Bridge ones in the dark were all rubbish, unfortunately. I really like the light on top & shadow on bottom in pic 2, how the high contrast works really well in pic 3, the people element in pic 4 (which I couldn’t get with my 50 lens), the shadowy people in contrast with the sharp bridge in pic 7 – and I think my favourite is the top of city hall. Funny how I never even noticed that while there – I think I was too fixated on the side view.

    1. thank you Kiki – was quite pleased with some of the night shots though had to modify the illumination levels – no 7 my fave. With the city hall one I used a flat B&W preset in Lightroom. Look forward to doing this again with you 😉

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