Adjustments for 2017

I’d  been so busy before and after Chanukkah and Christmas that I left my blog(s) mouldering in thin air. No neat closure to December and thus not with a bang but a whimper went 2016 into the blogosphere.


2017 emphasises the forward facing face of Janus. I have no New Year’s resolutions as such but there will have to be a life changing move which will require some adjustments :

    • lift the barriers of negativity and gently ease the roots that clutch


    •  be more daring with the delete button and dump the acquisitive accretions of the years – both virtually and in the real world.
    • make a prayer to the Almighty and a leap of faith on self-reliance within the safety net of family support


    • be prepared for loss and grief but keep at least one eye on the bright side


    • Remember that the path is one that many have trodden before


As for blogging I guess I’ll just keep blogging along with photography here and some poetry & prose there

Happy New Year ♥


13 thoughts on “Adjustments for 2017

  1. A belated Happy New Year to you, Laura! Totally with you re: delete button. Hope you won’t have too much reason for grief and that negativity stays out of the picture.

  2. Hi Laura..thank you for the kind words……I love this post and I am working on similar…My daughter the psychologist has me doing mindfulness and mediation which help … 2017 is going to have its challenges in our family, but we have each other.. Happy New Year!! .. Michelle

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