Dear Readers

graffitimouseI have given up moaning and complaining for Lent as I do far too much of it – but nevertheless cannot desist from making this somewhat negative observation that each rollout of WordPress’s reader makes viewing less appealing and blog visits even more clicks away.

Image format posts are sliced like a header whilst galleries are stripped down to just a permalink title so I want to thank all those who bothered to click on and find my last but one gallery post of the Bow Bells trio.

I am not alone in noticing that site visits and comments are falling off and wonder how much is attributable to the new reader interface,  a general blog weariness or Northern hemisphere hibernation.

Still Spring is officially here with the weekend’s vernal equinox and I shall be away,  inhaling some sea air. Meanwhile London’s parks are offering up a gallery of Spring delights. Goodbye winter!

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7 thoughts on “Dear Readers

  1. Lucy Corrander

    As someone who has not visited recently . . about ten minutes ago I found the list of blogs I follow had gone wrong so loads of people I thought had stopped blogging ages ago simply haven’t been showing up in my list. I’ve just deleted and re-loaded it and here . . . amongst a whole load of others who had gone invisible for a while . . you are!

  2. Lovely signs of spring in your pics, Laura. And I couldn’t agree more re: WordPress Reader. There have been so many little changes lately that probably have little impact on some people’s blogs or posting routine but it seems like every time, i.e. every week, when I write a new post something else has been changed that for me personally makes navigating and writing less pleasurable than it’s been before…

  3. I so agree about the reader, Laura. And about all the other reasons for falling off…as well. I do not know if the egg or the hen came first, but right now I am weary of the whole thing. Even of taking photos – so something is really out of joint here. Thank you for cheering us up with lovely spring photos and – enjoy your sea air! I will try to reinforce myself as well.

    1. WordPress have some good ideas but do not always work best for the end user! Blog fatigue hits us all at times but recently have had a bad bout of it – even the camera has been bored but we now have Spring light to capture and a recent change of scene has done some good. Happy days Leya!

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