Three of a kind: lighthouse

Three of a kind with 3 different effects on the Hurst Point lighthouse, Hampshire.

Hurst point lighthouse – warm light – lighbox
Hurst point lighthouse – mono portrait
Hurst point lighthouse – 1 point colour – Lumix G6

6 thoughts on “Three of a kind: lighthouse

      1. I’m struck by that image too. Lighthouses are extraordinary places. They seem to acquire layers of otherness, which you have captured so well here – whatever it is. Perhaps it’s a liminal thing – that ‘no-mans-land’ between land and sea, or because they are sited in dangerous places.

        1. it is that ‘otherness’ feeling which seems to be captured in the happy accident of having turned the camera dial to one point colour when I did not have my glasses on to see well enough!!!
          Now lighthouses are mostly automated there is a sense of abandonment around them – something akin to Gibson’s poem Flannan Isle

          ” “THOUGH three men dwell on Flannan Isle
          To keep the lamp alight,
          As we steered under the lee, we caught
          No glimmer through the night.”

          1. Stranded, yes, but once manned. Now lone guardians, doing their job without human intervention. All situations that are vaguely disturbing. And so to Gibson. I think we read this in school. May be the source of my disquiet.

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