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Walls & Windows #28

“In order to gain access to sub-dominant, somewhat hard-to-access R-mode, the non-verbal, visual perceptual system of the brain, it is necessary to present one’s own brain with a task that the dominant verbal system, L-mode, will turn down.” *

These upshots are a bit like drawing with the right side of the brain – to awaken the less logical side of perception. I point the lens upwards but frame the shot looking down at the rotatable touch screen.  I find this helps with creativity as I start to see just geometric patterns instead of named things. In this shot the horizontal is tilted to match the angle of receding perpendicular lines. The logical left brain then tells me I have another photo for Walls and Windows on Wednesdays

*see Dr Edwards: Drawing on the Right Side




playing with photography @ eljaygee whilst Tell Tale Therapy has a weakness for words

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