Bit of a blog birthday

In its current photography post manifestation, I’ve been blogging away here for 5 years so really there should be more balloons than this…but these belong to a birthday girl who passed by in the park and lit up my  camera with her joy.

birthday balloon girl

Things have been quieter of late but the aims and purpose of this blog is still being served. What else would I do with my many digital images? Some are even worth a print and seeing them posted up here helps me judge that. So as long as it’s still fun and not too time consuming I shall keep right on blogging.


14 thoughts on “Bit of a blog birthday

  1. Congratulations! I also see that things have gone more quiet these days – and it is not only me…I lost some inspiration when the world turned a bit colder this year. And then I mean concerning its leaders and their policies…But I hope you will go on posting and keeping us warmer …I have decided to continue even if times are tougher. I try to post positive things…maybe we can do some good…

    1. Thank you for your good wishes Leya. As a wise person once said “the world is never the way we want it to be and we are not what the world wants us to be” so these political things do not deter me. It is hard sometimes to blog in the face of famine and other horrors that we see, read, can do little about – it’s like turning a blind eye. But my motto is to live with the whats, wheres and hows of what life I’ve been given – its the best I can do – with and without camera 🙂

  2. Happy blog anniversary, Laura!
    I see the slowing down in posting both with my own blog and other people’s as well, like Leya said.
    I think the state of the world is keeping our minds busy with other things, but I hope that will change and maybe inspire us.

    1. has blogging peaked I wonder? Personally I like to have the time to read and visit fellow bloggers but the world is moving faster all the time (aside from political turmoil) – messaging has become easy come, easy go snapchats. Soon it will all be subliminal I fear 🙄 wordy blog gets more visits than this one but perhaps that’s because I join in with themed ideas and as such contributors visit each other to comment

      1. I hope it hasn’t peaked and that it’s only a lull. But judging from my own blog browsing behaviour it probably has.
        Funnily my German blog on which I haven’t posted in over a year gets twice as many visitors as my English blog…

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