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Friday Flora 28.4.17

Its the May bank holiday weekend so a bumper crop of flora this Friday from St James’ Park…

Cercis Canadensis or Red bud  tree blossoms straight out of its bark and sends up red heart leaves for Spring

Staying with the pink, some ornamental fruit tree blossom in subtle graceful tones and then there are the double eye-zapping Bellis Perennis daisies.

Taking a momentary visual break to appreciate the fresh foliage of what looks like a weeping larch (Larix decidua ‘Puli’). The deciduous conifer with its soft textured foliage is so inviting to the touch.

It’s hard to see past the full-on colour displays of Azaleas to appreciate their lily-like forms so a quick shift to mono is a good option.

All Azaleas are Rhododendrons but not all Rhododendrons are Azaleas. One simple guide is the number of stamens – 10 for Rhods and 5 for Azaleas. And a switch from mono plus some zoom reveals  the zingy orangeade of this Azalea. Blends beautifully with the blue-purple flower which shall be nameless for now because I cannot ID it.

Its been a cold April but even so the wild bluebell or Hyacinthoides non-scripta season has begun. These buxom beauties are garden hybrids but the woods are already filling with our native variety. Must pay them a visit next week*garden bluebells
Postscript: Kiki @ through a lay (wo)mans lens is an avid Flower Friday poster and am dedicating this post to her as she’s on a flying visit to the UK and we’re joining up, cameras in hand, in another London park. [Kiki also posts mouthwatering recipes on her food blog – see here most recent Wild Garlic pancakes]

*National Trust: Bluebells in London and the South East




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