Feathery Friday


I love feathers almost as much as flowers so for a change this Friday am featuring beauty on the backs of waterbirds shot/captured/photographed in Kensington Gardens…

way to go before these young Egyptian geese can strut their full fledged feathersyoung_egyptian_goose_plumage[accidentally filmed these two with tungsten light setting which comes out arty blue. Nice – but wanted the realistic tones of a cloudy day. Since it was a raw file able to correct White Balance  in Adobe’s Lightroom]

grubby grey heron
co-operative coots
swan down

Dedicating this post to Kiki @ Through a Lay(wo)man’s Lens with many thanks for her company with camera as we went walkabout in London recently – looking forward to seeing her pics too!

Some feathery flowers for Friday

5 thoughts on “Feathery Friday

  1. Oh, thank you, Laura! The pleasure was all mine.
    Nice captures of the feathery friends – mine didn’t turn out so well, they went into the “pointless” pile because I seem to have missed the moments when the little guys showed their faces…

    1. Many went into the pointless pile and we did not have good light but also the gallery’s modernist spaces were evidently a challenge too far for this photographer’s eye

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