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Feathery Friday


I love feathers almost as much as flowers so for a change this Friday am featuring beauty on the backs of waterbirds shot/captured/photographed in Kensington Gardens…

way to go before these young Egyptian geese can strut their full fledged feathersyoung_egyptian_goose_plumage[accidentally filmed these two with tungsten light setting which comes out arty blue. Nice – but wanted the realistic tones of a cloudy day. Since it was a raw file able to correct White Balance  in Adobe’s Lightroom]

grubby grey heron
co-operative coots
swan down

Dedicating this post to Kiki @ Through a Lay(wo)man’s Lens with many thanks for her company with camera as we went walkabout in London recently – looking forward to seeing her pics too!

Some feathery flowers for Friday


playing with photography @ eljaygee whilst Tell Tale Therapy has a weakness for words

5 thoughts on “Feathery Friday

  1. Oh, thank you, Laura! The pleasure was all mine.
    Nice captures of the feathery friends – mine didn’t turn out so well, they went into the “pointless” pile because I seem to have missed the moments when the little guys showed their faces…

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