Intropsectives #20

Most often I go walkabout in a snap happy mood with camera but on this day I was relaxing in the sun so it was a case of shoot whatever is in sight from a semi- prone position which happened to be a field of daisies.

It was an opportunity to experiment with depth of field – particularly I was after the mid-ground with my DSLR zoom lens (14-140mm wide angle – medium telephoto)

a scattered focus – all grass and daisies – f.13; 1/500; FL 130mm
insect eye-view – narrow DOF in near mid-ground  – f 5.6; 1/320; FL 140mm
close up on mid centre daisy (some cropping to counter focal emphasis on righthand side) – f 5.6; 1/320; FL 140mm
daisy field with almost bokeh background & nice lot of foreground blur –  5.6; 1/320; FL 140mm

Some basic factual tips on focal length from digital photo secrets*:

    • the focal length of a lens is the distance between the lens and the back of the camera
    • on a 55 mm lens for example this is also the distance between the lens and the spot where light focuses in front of the camera where the image is formed (nearly 6 inches for non-decimal thinkers like me)
    • most human eyes focus at or near 50 mm, so that the focal point of our eyes is approx. 50 mm ahead (until we become short sighted and/or long sighted when the focal point is in front of or behind the retina respectively)
daisies and leaf mosaic
“The key is to think about size and distance” David Petersen*

Thinking out loud with an aim to improve and learn more about photography. Hence the images are not always for show – feedback is welcome


12 thoughts on “Intropsectives #20

  1. Wonderfully beautiful – it is a bit like taking time, TIME, to smell the roses. It is also taking TIME to see who we are by what we take the time to experience.

    1. absolutely – instead of rushing about with camera this really made me focus on subject, simplicity & existential matters! Of course was not the best time re lighting but an enjoyable lazy daisy afternoon

  2. Tricky trying to get shallow DOF with a zoom lens, much easier with a prime lens because they have wider apertures….

      1. Yes, I’ve used that lens briefly, and have a Panasonic 14mm f2.5 as my ‘street’ lens, but my current favourite lens is an Olympus 45mm f1.8. Love it!

  3. Love your daisy experiment!
    When we had our discussion about this, I forgot to mention something: if you have a full frame camera, you get a 1:1 ratio, but if you have a DX like mine (which is a crop frame), you have to apply a factor of 1.5, meaning with a 50mm prime lens, the result is in actual fact 75mm. I tend not to think about such stuff at all, it just drives me nuts 😀 .

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