Introspectives #21

After a recent holiday in Spain I’ve come back with few photos that even pass muster. Disappointing perhaps but I think there are several reasons for this:

      1. Pressure to take in as much of the new environment as I can in the short time allocated. Result = memory snaps rather than memorable photos.


      2. Equally as a tourist I was often on the move and the roving eye becomes too distracted –

        better shots are invariably taken from a single spot over timeseville3

      3. Conversely, being on holiday meant I was less inclined to do anything very much including taking photosseville11
      4. I could not adjust my eye to the colours very easily – all those vivid primary hues, burnt umbers and deep dark shade.

    And of course as a tourist I was out and about with camera when natural light was at its harshest.seville5

Still when in doubt I always return to black and white and in this mode the contrasts of Seville were more manageable, especially when the weather provided a little cloud.

consider the option of black and white for the image…People expect images shot in the sun to be colourful or bright, but altering the colours …causes the viewer to stop to contemplate your image”*

sevilleb&w3Becoming more discerning also means more and images are relegated to poor, boring and the ones that got away. I think of them as practice sketches until I’ve mastered the strokes.

Useful link:
*Elizabeth Halford: Fantastic tips for shooting bravely in the sun:

Thinking out loud with an aim to improve and learn more about photography. Hence the images are not always for show – feedback is welcome


4 thoughts on “Introspectives #21

  1. These are great captures, Laura! When I was touring Spain with a group, I felt the pressure since we had only so little time.

  2. I was amazed to see all that colour here, then strangely reassured when I scrolled down and saw the b&w ones 😀 . I think all he colours come out really well.
    I like your attitude of “I think of them as practice sketches until I’ve mastered the strokes” – I need to adopt that…
    As for your point no. 3 – that’s what people do who aren’t into photography, so it’s legitimate!

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