Manifold Ms for this Monday

M is one of those letters that alliterates so well on memes, not least those of the start of the week – Tish Farrell has Something magical for Monday and there is always the photography challenge:  Mundane Monday

Joining Photrablogger for a mundane marinescape
but not all marines are mundane as here with these magical aquamarine hues of which there have been many this month with visits away and a dry hot summer..until now
At Mudeford Spit there is a marvellous multicoloured array of  beach huts – one of which went on sale the other day for multitudes of pound – £280,000 to be precise
but even here at Mudeford, my high contrast monochrome puts in an appearance
I must be a mudlark at heart as I love mudflats too – those rich hunting grounds of the river Deben revealed at evening low tide
and mudflats are at their most moody in low lit monochrome
And here endeth this multitude of Ms in a mirrored selfie reflecting the many years of my birth today…and wishing for a photography associated present!

19 thoughts on “Manifold Ms for this Monday

  1. Had thought so many ways to wish you a happy birthday here in the land of the living. I do hope you have had or are having a perfectly wonderful day.
    One thought to think upon; “Time is a great teacher unfortunately it also kills it’s students.”

  2. Ooh it’s your birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Laura! Hope you’re having a great day!
    Especially like the mirrors and the beach huts pic. But OMG – I knew beach huts were sought after things in the UK, but £280,000!? Wow.

    1. Dear Lucy – thank you for your good wishes & sorry you got stuck in spam catcher – it was the two links that did it 😉
      – have not done weekend reflections for ages so thanks for the reminder
      -p.s. Have solved the mystery of the outsize thumbnails showing up in your blogroll – its when I have made it a featured image in the post

      p.p.s. all good wishes for your new life in Halifax –

  3. A beautifully contemplative gallery, Laura, and much magic in Mudeford, the sort you need to spend a lot of time with. Thanks also for the link. V. kind 🙂

      1. I love beach huts too. We used to eye them up wistfully when we lived in Kent and visited the coast resorts. But now I think of it, there are some pretty nice ones in Wales – maybe not so expensive (?). Hm. Otherwise, OH is presently building his own equivalent of a beach hut in our back garden, (on the edge of the Silurian Sea), though think I’ll be banned from entry when it’s done – in case I start colonising the place.

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