Second best shots

I frequently trawl the archives and delete images, more and more determinedly of late. This photo, ordinary as the subject matter is, I cannot quite assign to trash. It is neither technically well–crafted nor spellbinding, yet still it holds my attention – a second best shot that deserves more than a second look.favourite_ferns
I like the duotonic simplicity. There is a hollow softness in the burnished tones of woodland floor whilst the greens range between vivid and demure. Most of all the image is a reminder that photography is about the capture of light and shade – perhaps urbane subjects help us to remember that. Often I am too easily distracted in a bid to capture something fascinating at all the detriment of photographic rules quite often.

[If you have a second best shot to show please add link in the comments]

Second Best Sundays: I think I shall devote some Sabbaths to these less than satisfactory shots – it’s a good lesson not to be driven by the pride of perfectionism.


32 thoughts on “Second best shots

  1. This shot is so peaceful and full of something I cannot quite explain that causes one to stop and appreciate that something that is in this photograph. Beautiful in gentleness.

  2. The light on the fern, and the depth of color of the russet floor make me think of Millais’s Ophelia. Actually when you see it as a painting rather than a photo it is definitely worth two or several looks. Nice idea for photo posting – second best shots. I think that may well apply to most of my photos πŸ™‚

    1. “There’s rue for you, and here’s some for me. We may call it herb of grace o’ Sundays….” I like your association Tish.
      Second best shots take the heat off our critical eyes πŸ˜‰

  3. This photo is more than second best shot, Laura. It a great idea “to be driven by the pride of perfectionism.” I’ll be happy to join your Second Best Sundays. πŸ™‚

  4. Whaaaat!? You were thinking of trashing this!? The light is absolutely gorgeous in this pic and immediately captured my attention – even in the measly WP reader preview! It’s tranquil, peaceful, and there’s this exceptional light. So glad you decided to post it.

    1. Oh it’s good to have second opinions Kiki because we are not always the best judges ourselves – was not sure if it was my own sentimental memory of this day which drew my hand away from the delete button so thank you!

  5. “…it’s a good lesson not to be driven by the pride of perfectionism.” Love that one, and your shot has that magical light. A very good idea!

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  7. Emilio Pasquale

    This would be one of my better shots, not second best. It is very soothing while having many layers to it. I like it. And I like your idea. Let me see what I can come up with.

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