Friday Flora 11.8.17

For me photography is not so much about capturing what I see but rather to present what I see in a somewhat different way e.g. high contrast mono. The other aim is to capture what I cannot see (not least since my vision is somewhat compromised by ageing) – and hence a recent gift of a Lumix  30mm lens is bringing the delights of the micro world into view. [fixed to my micro four thirds camera its coverage equals 60mm apparently?!]

The 2.8 lens is, to be accurate, a close-up rather than strictly macro lens and one has to get touchy-feely with subjects for a 1:1 magnification (focus starts at 0.105 cm). With the hoverfly on purple Alyssum that was not possible as I had to lean out of window on tiptoe to capture it (without of course the steadiness of a tripod so a good thing the lens has in-built stabilizer). The trumpet vine,  waving about in the wind, was already past its best and only after reviewing in-camera, did I notice the ants. [click to enlarge gallery]

Until now I’ve been rather reliant on autofocus but getting so close in on subjects such as these flowers, I’ve had to learn to manually focus so that I, rather than the camera, choose which part of the image to pinpoint. Of course I do this without my reading glasses but then worry how sharp would be the results. Fortunately the camera highlights in electric blue areas of sharp focus and also the touchscreen viewfinder enlarges a given area so that even without squinting I can make out the details!

macro- blue daisy
f2.8; 1/80; iso 160

And finally just because it can, does not mean it has to! Sharper focus is apparently one of the main advantages of a prime lens but the breezy windowsill made such captures quite difficult . In the end I just let the wind blow on this tiny blue daisy and hence the soft water-coloured flower.

macro- blue daisy soft focus
f2.8; 1/125; iso 160

Happy flower Friday everyone! – next time I’m putting the Panasonic Lumix 30mm f2.8 through its paces as a general purpose prime lens on some London landmarks.

Friday Flora – Trees, Shrubs and Flowers in and around London streets, parks and gardens, including my windowsill


9 thoughts on “Friday Flora 11.8.17

  1. When I saw the pic preview in the WP reader I immediately thought “AHA! The new macro lens in action!” 😀 I think your pics turned out great, and I like the water-coloured effect on the daisy. Happy Friday!

  2. Flora on Fridays – now that’s a nice catchy title (and goal)!
    I bought a macro lens a few years ago, and spent a whole summer enjoying my new association with ladybugs!

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