WPC: Waiting

On a recent trip to Greenwich  I took my iPhone instead of the heftier Lumix G6 as I am still waiting for my arm to heal and the plaster to be removed (just 3 weeks to go). The 5C version of phone camera is obviously not as slick as recent updates but it did well enough with flat lighting from overcast skies.

Greenwich pedestrian tunnel entrance
waiting for someone at the Greenwich pedestrian tunnel entrance
helter  skelter Greenwich
Mums waiting for their helter-skeltering children
river thames Greenwich
solitary man waiting for the Thames ferry heading West

Given that in 70 years it has been calculated that we wait for three of them, this was an inviting WordPress photo challenge: Waiting



6 thoughts on “WPC: Waiting

  1. Seeing your Greenwich pics, I remember only spending about 30 minutes in the area of the train station. Seems I missed out on some good things by not walking further. Maybe next time 😀

  2. Did you find the meridian in Greenwich? 🙂
    I am sorry for your arm . I understand what you feel because my wife broke her shoulder in last January in a fall.
    Love ❤

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