6 year flight

Got the  badge yesterday as a reminder that it has been six years since I started with WordPress – that means six smokeless years as blogging became a handy substitute for cigarettes – that and my Ricoh camera which sadly hit the dust literally and metaphorically back in 2016 ( see my last ramble with Ricoh).  That camera gave me a love of monochrome with its additional treacly high contrast and stencil effect text modes.

To date, black and white is evidently still a favourite mood but it suits so many scenarios so here are six as yet unseen photos for this blog’s anniversary.

gravestones and grass - monochrome
you don’t have to be melancholy to make churchyards a subject for photography
street photo - high contrast monochrome
street shots work well in mono as it blends subjects into the one story
millenium bridge - monochrome
bridging the skies with drama
cloudscape over walthamstow marshes - monocrhome
greyscale cloudscapes
monochrome gladioli
glamorous pink gladioli muted in monochrome
grandson portrait in monochrome
portrait of a photographer in the making



33 thoughts on “6 year flight

  1. Happy blogoversary, Laura! So glad I met you in the blogosphere! I’ve only every seen headstones like those in the UK – thin and illegible. Love the bridge perspective.
    Here’s to another 6 years (at least!) of blogging!

    1. I spend hours in churchyards – trying to read the old stones – dates etc. Rarely publish them as they appear a little morbid perhaps but I think they are photogenic. Never quite sure where blogging is going but I keep going…for now. How else could I have met you? 🙂

  2. Happy anniversary! Six years is quite some time, but you are still posting great pictures. I like them all. Well, I love B&W, although I know it is no always so easy to take a good b&w photo as it seems. The portrait of the photographer in the making is beautiful. Your son?

    1. my grandson – we do photoshoots together when he visits 🙂 I think colour requires a lot of skill but learn much about lighting in B&W – thank you for your encouraging comment Marga

  3. All fine shots, Laura. Happy blogging anniversary too. And well done you to kick the fags. I was only thinking yesterday that it was a long time since I actually wanted one. Never occurred to me that blogging might have served as a distraction from same 🙂

    1. It was either blog or gnaw my fingers! Have to be wary now of addiction to blogging:
      If you haven’t posted on your blog in a while, do you feel:

      Er – bits of the above maybe?

      1. There are many things made worse the last years…but I try to go on anyway. I wonder how much work laid down on choosing a theme and making a start page that is worth while nowadays. People only get to the reader. And I agree on view as well.

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