Retrospective 2012-2014

Between the trash and the print, I have cleared 2012-2014 archives from my computer. In retrospect, and with a more experienced eye, I was tempted to erase most of these early years of photography but instead have printed out a selection,  as well as photobooking some. It’s not just sentimental nostalgia for I believe the ingénue has a fresh way of seeing things which I would like to retain – and just add a heap more technical expertise. It’s also interesting to see what catches the eye and if and how that has changed.

This slideshow collection is a sample of some of the images I bothered to have printed, However, I regret not choosing premium paper as even though they are not very special photos, the thinner print paper makes them seem even poorer!

And here are the ones I put together in a photobook.

I have future plans to print a collection of the Ricoh’s text mode images – a sort of stencil effect I’ve not been able to replicate with the Panasonic Lumix G6.ricoh_textmode_cycles.jpg

And I  want to print a series of my favourite wreck which I like to photograph whenever I’m back in Suffolk. deben_wreck

To sum it all up this injury period has given me the time, space and impetus to clear the hard drive and unload a lot of image dross. In future I shall do this much more often.


20 thoughts on “Retrospective 2012-2014

  1. Having looked at all you have posted today, I am amazed at the talent you display. Perspective, angle, composition, all wonderfully done in my humble opinion. If I were hiring, I would want you on my team. Many blessings

    1. Upshots are good foe City dwellers Kiki! So many themes to choose from so I wonder why we get stuck for inspiration? Have purchased a photography card pack to randomly choose technique & topics which hopefully will help with those stuck for ideas times.

  2. Oh, I just clicked on the photobook link – that’s great that people can see your book! Love how it turned out, and I discovered lots of pics that are, to me, completely different in style from what you post on your blogs. So it’s doubly great to get to view those 🙂

  3. You have used your time well. I like the prints and I love the book. As you say, when they come together like this (beautifully organized) , you realize their full potential. And you use photobox – so do I. but I really must get started on clearing out the worst unnecessaries (?) from my hard drive . I understand if you feel good afterwards!

    1. Thanks for looking Leya – I like the photo book format of image juxtaposing. have always used photo box but will not go for standard paper again – that means to be affordable even fewer images to save and print on premium photo paper. Probably a good thing – elevating our critical faculties!

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