After the rain

After yesterday’s rainscape of Trafalgar square, these two images were taken just a few minutes later. Proves I do shoot in colour sometimes and these final showers of summer are as brief as baby tears. You can spot the doubters in the crowd by the numbers who still hang on to their brollies.after the rain - trafalgar square and brolliesafter the rain - trafalgar square and brollies


6 thoughts on “After the rain

  1. Hi Laura, love the colours, especially in the 2nd pic. May I ask whereabouts in London it was taken? Doesn’t look familiar, but then again, there’s so much I haven’t seen yet…

    1. These are the lions and fountains of Trafalgar square – you probably did not recognise it as only shows the base of Nelson’s column and a distant Big Ben in the 1st pic and the second is a view looking towards Northumberland Avenue. I like the walk down there to Hungerford bridge and over the Thames. If you’ve ever played Monopoly its one of the set that goes with Pall Mall and Whitehall. All three streets connect at Trafalgar Square. Come back soon and we’ll take a tour here

      1. I did see Big Ben in the background, and it turns out I have been to Trafalgar Square… sometime in my long gone youth 😀
        The German Monopoly version has all German streets 🙂

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