Goodbye summer

Now is the Autumn or Fall Equinox when daylight and nightlight equalise in the run up to shorter and darker days of Autumn. I’m not going to complain about the disappointingly few hot sunny times we have had, given that hurricanes have been devastatingly catastrophic to communities across the Caribbean and coastal USA.

cumulus humilis clouds betoken  good weather
Melton boatyard at the head of the river Deben under summer skies
golden grasses and wildflowers are potent signs of summer
the sun summons walkers from Bournemouth to Hengistbury Head
summer visitors criss-cross the Millenium bridge from St Pauls to Tate Modern

Summer outings dropped off after I fell and broke my arm. It feels as though I’m coming out of hibernation just as Autumn begins. Next week I’m bidding farewell to London for a few days and will come back to a blessed release from the plaster cast.

this shield bug ended its summer days recently in the dust of my room

Am finishing with some flora for Friday and the pinkest of late summer flowers

The gladiolus flower symbolizes honour and remembrance

Postscript: It’s impossible to ignore the death toll from Mexico City earthquake and Hurricane Maria’s devastation of Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. How can we blog trivia in the face of these crises without resorting to platitudes? I am just thankful to live in a temperate zone where the worst thing that can happen is a bad summer. (I’m not going to elaborate on the recent Parsons Green tube train bomb in London)


6 thoughts on “Goodbye summer

  1. That coastline *sigh*. Wish I were there right now…
    As for your ponderings on how we can blog trivia in times of so much crisis – I used to feel really shallow doing that, but seeing as we actually reflect on it, I think feeling empathy when we feel we can not do much else is at least something. There’s so much shallowness out there, and people do not reflect, so maybe blogging trivia is our way of keeping darkness away for a little bit.

    1. it is indeed a shallow world Kiki so this is the best we can do in the blogosphere. Hope you have an enjoyable weekend – not going to ‘that coast’ for my days away but will be seeing the boatyard instead 🙂

  2. I don’t know if it’s shallowness or merely a way of reminding ourselves that there is still beauty in this life. Between the political situation here in the U.S. and all of the tragedies in the world (looks almost like Mother Nature is trying to throw us off the planet), I sometimes think about giving up on blogging since there is so little I can say that will help matters.
    Beautiful series of photos, Laura. Even the poor shield bug has a unique beauty to it.

    1. I chose not to blog on politics as it is too divisive though I stray at time & disasters leave us onlookers helpless as to know what to do except carry on with our world & these end of summer pics are it – the shield bug is divinely detailed

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