Mundane Monday: Evidence

Walking along the river bank I noticed a flock of mallard evidently feasting on acorns  – their muddy imprints and some oak leaves are all the evidence they left behindducks muddy  footprints and oak leaves

Seeing beauty in the everyday for the Mundane Monday Photography Challenge #129 @ PhoTrablogger


14 thoughts on “Mundane Monday: Evidence

  1. Hi Laura, on your suggestion I checked out the MMC website again, but I can’t find where you get your next theme/challenge from. Is it posted beforehand? Is there a list of coming challenges?

    1. No theme as such – just photograph anything that you deem beautifully mundane – that hammock capture was a perfect example. Post and link up on Mondays @ the photrablogger site

  2. For a completely static subject, the framing makes it very nicely dynamic. And that completely neutral colour of mud brings to life the colour of the leaves. Its beautiful.

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