Water in the hold

Water, water everywhere. After a week away in amphibious Woodbridge, I returned with a rucksack full of spilt water-bottle and my Lumix G6 sitting in one inch of it. Having dried and put the camera in the airing cupboard, all seemed well but the day after, the LCD screen failed to light up. A consultation with camera experts has confirmed it is a fatality ‘though fortunately both the internal workings of the camera and the 30mm lens are unaffected.

I definitely miss the vari-angle rotating touchscreen for its easy swipe functions and 3″ display and now have to rely solely on the electronic eye-piece instead. If only my vision were better it would be less of a hassle but at least I do not have to buy a new camera.

And this image is one of the last I viewed through the LCD  screen – it’s one of my favourites. “Worse things happen at sea” as my grandmother would say consolingly!watery-woodbridge


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