Friday Flora 13.10.17

Though I dislike the term, I’m coming to terms with the loss of the camera’s useful LCD screen (see Water in the Hold) and adapting solely to the eye-piece to view subjects, as well as to re-view all the camera’s setting. It involves a lot of peering without the best of vision. Even so I took my camera and 30 mm lens on an outing to Myddelton House gardens in Essex for some closer views.

friday flora - rosebud & spider threadsNerines, Cosmos and some roses were prolonging the hotter shades well into Autumn but I hesitate to capture them in chocolate box format so I am trying to view them more imaginatively. The spider web helped.friday flora - bindweed flower in high contrast mono

The best of gardens should have some wilderness where the likes of the lovely Convolvulus can flower without regard for its cursed bindweed epithet.


The occasional Iceland poppy is still flowering –   out of softer focus makes it look as papery as its papaver genus

and the capricious sun did stay long enough to put some polish on the the beech leaf bed of this naked lady – Colchicum autumnaleFriday flora - autumn crocus 1017

Be warned  – I shall be featuring more flora from here but today am making do solely with blooms for a Flowery Friday.

Myddelton House Gardens

Friday Flora – Trees, Shrubs and Flowers in and around London streets, parks and gardens, including my windowsill



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      1. Do you not use a histogram! I’ll have to dig out some info for you….basically you use it to see how your pixels are distributed in your image…and giving you the heads up on whether the image is underexposed or overexposed, or correctly exposed….a useful tool, and sa Es you needing to look a t the LCD screen once you get used to it

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