Mundane Monday: go figure

When photography imagination is lax I have a pack of knowledge and task cards from which to choose at random* – and numbers + the golden ratio were yesterday’s pick.

I could have made these numerals more enigmatic with closer macro but I liked the contrast with the horizontal hyphen and the dusty, fading perspective on the 19th century. Besides, seen like this, urbane numbers become fluid figures and that makes all the difference!
[But on a more sombre note it is the start of the Boer War and memorial to men of the Royal Artillery who died in South Africa]

Yellow as autumn leaves, alive as spring;
And as each host draws out upon the sea
Beyond which lies the tragical To-be,
None dubious of the cause, none murmuring
Thomas Hardy – The Departure October 1899

*As well as a card pack there is the option for an additional App – see the Bigger Picture

Seeing beauty in the everyday for the Mundane Monday Photography Challenge #131 @ PhoTrablogger


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        1. I saw the German edition but wanted an English one – amazon UK doesn’t send it to Germany – pfff! I’ll take a look at the street photography edition, hadn’t seen that.

        2. Ha! Just found out the company’s actually in Germany, so I ordered the English street photog + the normal set. Thanks for the inspiration!

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