Friday Flora: 27.10.17

This late in the year, the windowsill garden is looking somewhat bare though the Osteospernums are still throwing out some blooms. Very leggy and ugly down below so will cut the plant back, half at a time to leave some chance of more flowers. This close to eye-view they make good macro subjects but the air is rarely still around them. I could have selected a slight faster shutter instead of waiting for a lull in the wind.

osteospernum in October
f/4; 1/80; iso 800

Inside is one of the ugliest of house plants and a dust collector too with its succulent blobby arms or cladodes to be more technical. With three pointy teeth to each flat segment it is evidently the Schlumbergera truncata. This epiphyte usually grows in Brazilian treetops or rocks but survives well enough in well-drained pot

And the reason I  put up with its ugliness is that for approximately two weeks from now to the start of November it puts on a balletic display of pale blooms of quite exquisite form.

schlumbergera truncata bloom
f/2.8; 1/125;iso 800

No wonder it is called the Thanksgiving cactus as not only does it coincide with that time of year but I am so grateful for its mass of flying pink flamingo flocks.

It just needs a longish night period of > 13 hours to initiate flowering.

The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest ~ William Blake

Wishing everyone the joy of Friday and a good weekend – I shall be thankful for a visit from my children.

Friday Flora – Trees, Shrubs and Flowers in and around London streets, parks and gardens, including my windowsill


6 thoughts on “Friday Flora: 27.10.17

  1. Pic 1 looks like you took it on my balcony 😀 . Although I have to say that after taking the last picture of them a few weeks ago I neglected them and they’re now better off in the trash…
    Love pic 3 – simply beautiful.
    Wishing you a joyful weekend with your children!

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