MM: Yellow brick

An old warehouse wall,  signpost and shadow – ordinary enough but this is not just any old brick. Handmade from the very clay on which the metropolis was founded, the stock brick is an icon of London and foundation of Georgian England’s extensive construction endeavours.

“deposits of varying minerals causing the idiosyncrasies of colour in the fired bricks… from red, through purple, brown, various shades of yellow to off-white”*

mundane monday - london brick
The secret history of the London brick
*A vital component: stock bricks in Georgian London (PDF)

Seeing beauty in the everyday for the Mundane Monday Photography Challenge #133 @ PhoTrablogger


8 thoughts on “MM: Yellow brick

    1. that has been renovated there and they managed to use the london stock brick thought the the scree is thickened to fill the gaps – things one notices just by looking at a wall 😉

    1. thanks for hosting this meme which makes me look more attentively – now think should have cropped the white notice on the left – could not exclude from the frame without falling in the canal!

  1. Wonderful. Whenever I look at bricks I wonder at how clay is so far from being a homogenous material. It looks so boring when it is wet, but as bricks and after some weathering … wow!

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