Footers #1

Many thanks to Kiki @ Through a Lay (wo)man’s lens who sent me a blog link to London street photographer:  Joshua K Jackson– his advice is well worth digesting and by his very example we can see how scintillating street photos are when the subject is not fully visible – a fleeting glance, a sitter behind cracked glass, under umbrellas, in misty light etc

One of my favourite pastimes is to photograph passers-by from the feet up. Standing at the entrance to Kings Cross station, the patterned combinations of travellers are as fascinating as the change in a kaleidoscope. Moreover, feet capture the rush and bustle which is so much of what street photography is about. Taken on my iPhone but clarity is perhaps not so vital here.

coming and going
what’s in the bag
time traveller
ticket to ride

Feet for Streets – a project to get me out there and gain a foothold on street photography


12 thoughts on “Footers #1

  1. Oh, I’m glad you find the site useful! I really like your “what’s in the bag” and ‘time traveler” – I’ll have to give this a go as well, not just study the tips like I usually do…

  2. I love the photos, Laura. Especially the ‘coming and going’ one where you clicked the shutter at the right second, awfully good timing. Keep up the good work! Thanks for the link, I will check it out.

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