Friday Flora: 17.11.17

It’s Friday and for today’s’ flora I’m keeping it short and sweet and turning flowers into fruit. Just an apple – small of stature but something quite beautiful about the whole and deserving of a portrait it seemed. Friday flora - apple portrait -
Usually I just take some fruit and cut it up for breakfast, without a second thought. It was the leaf that caught my eye first and made me pause. Long past the Spring green but hanging on to the last in all its lovely detailFriday Flora - apple with leaf macroAnd then I considered the artful colour combination- red and amber with a russet sheen and flashings in the skin
friday flora - apple portrait detailNow I fully understand the saying “apple of my eye”. The last of the “Early Windsors”  – crisp juicy flesh, with a rich, aromatic, honey flavour. All gone!

Early Winndsor - apple portrait
“I, with as easy hunger, take
entire my season’s dole;
welcome the ripe, the sweet, the sour,
the hollow and the whole.” 
Laurie Lee

Does anyone have a favourite apple? Mine is actually Worcester Pearmain – a September variety literally with a short and sweet span as it does not store well. And on that note, I wish you all a Happy Friday and a not too short weekend. Here in London it is forecast mainly dry, chilly, and sunny. Sounds like camera weather!

Note: “Raised in Germany as Alkamenein in the 1930’s as a cross between Gehiermat Dr Oldenburg & Cox’s Orange Pippin. Introduced in 1962 & renamed Early Windsor for the UK market in 1996”. The English Apple Man

Friday Flora – Trees, Shrubs and Flowers (and fruit)  in and around London streets, parks and gardens, including my windowsill


4 thoughts on “Friday Flora: 17.11.17

  1. Especially like the last picture, just looks so complete plus the reflection adds to its charm.
    I’ve also been doing apple photography, with a very small specimen of unknown name, bought at the cafeteria and forgotten to eat. Much prefer the blemished, natural looking fruit to the usual supermarket clones.
    I discovered Fiji apples a few years ago, but currently my favourite is Tenroy/Royal Gala. I used to find Gala apples boring but I bought them under the until then unknown to me name Tenroy and liked them. Wasn’t able to find out yet if the Royal Gala has been renamed to make it sound more attractive, or why it’s now marketed under the name Tenroy…

    1. I have a soft spot for that shot too 🙂 Royal Gala is apparently a sport of Gala and the latter disappearing in favour of its later rival. Also there are 2,200 varieties registered in Britain but only a few in the supermarkets – must be the same in Germany

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