Mundane Monday: Vertigo

I have dreams rooted in bathmophobia and climacophobia and in waking life, there is always a hesitant uncertainty as I approach a downward flight of stair. Escalators are certainly a matter of timing but at least I do not experience vertigo as well. The slow shutter with this offside narrow depth of field conjures what it might be like – or is that just me without my long distance glasses?!Mundane Monday - down escalator blur

Seeing beauty in the everyday for the Mundane Monday Photography Challenge #138 @ PhoTrablogger


13 thoughts on “Mundane Monday: Vertigo

  1. Like the offside focus, very nice take on insinuating vertigo. I have to say that I’ve never seen escalators as steep as in the UK anywhere else, and even if vertigo weren’t a problem, it could probably caused by those steep things!

      1. Oooh, that would be great! I’ve always wanted to take a shot of one of London’s steep escalators but without people. I’d probably have to do that at 4 am 😀

          1. Good idea to make it a theme! Didn’t even think about store escalators, also great idea. Some – perfectly placed, haha! – people on escalators would be good.

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