WPC: Ascend

Could not resist this week’s photo challenge as I love to photograph escalators, steps, stairs, etc and am thinking of making it one of my themes for next year – maybe instead of ‘walls and windows’. WPC ascend - British museum stairway
Postscript: Have been hitting the heights in the last week or so with a couple of related posts: Vertigo and Elevation

Joining Krista for the weekly photo challenge: Ascend


6 thoughts on “WPC: Ascend

    1. cemeteries are a favourite of mine too and also one I’ve been considering as a theme – drawn to the sense of quiet unlike airport lounges- though I get your meaning absolutely Sherwood!

  1. Lucy Corrander

    The first word I thought of was ‘elegance’. Then I thought how inelegant I would be when plodging up such a flight – and changed my mind.

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