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Capital growth! I try not to think of tumours at such times but rather, as we are led to believe, that only a rich man’s table has crumbs for the rest of us. Even so investment, foreign and otherwise, is also taking the crumbs, for as more tower-block homes are being built, they are also being bought as buy-to-let investments.* This coupled with a lack of affordable ‘ affordable home schemes’  is effectively a ‘clearances scheme’ of the 21st century, creating mono miles for the moneyed. Growth should not mean gentrification.
no 1 blackfriars glass tower blockPolitics aside, I take an interest in the growth of London’s architectural skyline – more glass and steel in yet another inventive polygon. As each building reaches for the heavens, it gives us back a little bit of the sky it stole in blue glass reflections.

*Research for London mayor, Sadiq Khan, shows homes being used as buy-to-let investments and being held in off-shore tax havens – Full Article

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4 thoughts on “WPC: Growth

  1. Great image, Laura. I love what you wrote about how the buildings are giving back a little of the sky they stole.
    I’m putting politics aside this morning, but we have similar problems with growth here.

  2. Lucy Corrander

    I like some of the new buildings in London – but not the mobile phone one. It looks so much as if it is falling over it spoils the dignity of the more upright lines. It looks like a cartoon superimposed upon a proper picture. It’s interesting what you say about being given back the sky though. I’d find it hard to work in a place without windows and it looks as if the people working (or living?) in the building you have photographed will have been amply provided for with light.

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