TT: unwanted waste

I remember string shopping bags, paper and cardboard packaging, cloth nappies, and re-usable glass bottles of milk, pop and beer. My first notion of plastic was of some small toy that came in a Christmas cracker with a  ‘made in China’ stamp. Today I pay 5p for a plastic bag and re-use it beyond repair but even when I carry rucksack or canvas shoppers, I still bring home a tonnage of plastic which I cannot opt out of – a shrink wrapped swede, a pack of 4 apples, grapefruit juice, polythene bags for fruit and veg, as well as fish and meat…. today’s diptych is more salutary than usual but the connections are obvious and the message is there!plastic refuse in sunshine- man and boy in a tunnel

Twosome Tuesdays aka diptych delirium (sometimes triptychs) – seamlessly blended, juxtaposed or superimposed in consensual interaction


10 thoughts on “TT: unwanted waste

  1. Much of the packaging is so unnecessary too, and we wouldn’t need it at all if so much food wasn’t transported round the globe. Oh, to be locally self-sufficient – a pipe dream now I know. Also some packaging is totally impenetrable for people with arthritis in their hands etc.

  2. Fresh fruit & veg shrink-wrapped is bad enough, but I find it even more ridiculous to have a huge “organic” stamp on it…

    And hey – I remember that day when you took the picture on the right 😀

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