Friday Flora 26.01.18

My daughter bought me some cheery tulips and since my camera and I were confined to barracks this past week, they were my only subjects – but how to photograph flowers in an interesting way I have still not managed.

a smack in the eye with colour but should it not be closer still for that?
further afield gives more of that all important negative space
I like the way black and white focuses on the artistic blending lines

And since I have yet to make interesting flower portraits I tried some layering fun with photoshop mix – purists look away

two into one – combining photos 2 & 3 above

and playing some more with tulip shadows and other combinations

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There are some good tips from Nature Scapes: Creative Flower Photography Indoors but take a look at Kiki’s Friday Flowers and an eye watering carnation creation. Happy weekend one and all!


9 thoughts on “Friday Flora 26.01.18

  1. Thanks for the link, Laura! I really like your fun layering pic and I love the tulip shadows overlaid with tulip blooms – that one I can imagine seeing in a gallery!

    1. happy to link up – goes to show what difference backgrounds and camera angle make. Was quite surprised by the result of layering with that tulip bloom & shadow combo – might try it out as a print

    1. Thank you for kind comment Leya – I really should have used tripod especially as am one-handed at mo instead of relying on something to rest camera on. Weather this weekend is mostly cloudy & showery – how about you?

      1. Hi Laura, how is your hand doing? I hardly dare saying this, but this morning the sun is shining. Enjoying every second, because the rain is coming in this evening with strong winds. Sigh…

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