Squared to the power of six

Invariably I take photographs with a rectangular aspect ratio but this month Becky is encouraging us to see in squares – or more precisely to capture the circular in squares or even square squares. There is something solid and rational about the 1×1 ratio and with family illness having been a major upset the past couple of weeks, I find them reassuringly stable. [click square galleries for a closer view]

When I can find some time to get out and about, I am going to try squaring my eye up to this perspective by switching to 1:1 format on the camera. Meanwhile these images were all cropped from landscape but I can see how they might have worked well initially as squares.

Joining other squaring the circle enthusiasts at Becky’s March Square Challenge. It’s a daily challenge but I have put in almost a week’s worth here!


17 thoughts on “Squared to the power of six

  1. I’ve found this a really interesting exercise. Gives one a whole new perspective somehow, and especially when cropping images one originally really liked in landscape rectangles.

  2. I agree with Tish – great exercise! Since starting Instagram, I noticed that I often take photos in a different way. In the back of my head is “if you had to crop this shot into a square (for IG), what would be in it?”, and that has brought a bit of a new perspective into taking non-square shots for me.

  3. oh wow, sorry I have taken a while to pop by I manage to mislay your link! I knew I would find it again though. These are incredible, a fabulous collection. Thank you so much.

  4. Becky got me hooked on squares back last September, since then I have changed the format on my camera to 1:1 and only occasionally have to change it back to a landscape mode. Your squares are all very good.

  5. That’s a great challenge, or exercise. These are great illustrations, but switching to the 1:1 format in the camera will cement the idea. I should try that. So many things to try! 😉

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