April in Abstracts #3

For this Thursday’s April abstracts, it is architecture that provides the angle. The city of London is full of the weird and wonderful and I took aim at the parts that could be said to define the abstract as “seeking to achieve its effect using shapes, colours, and textures.” In truth this was much more difficult than it sounds as I had to unattach my eye from the structural knowledge of the whole buildings I was seeing in order to seek their abstract aspects – some become even more abstract when visually combined:-



april_abstracts#3_architecture (9)april_abstracts#3_architecture (10)

Make sure to adjust your ISO [hmm!] and aperture so that the sky detail isn’t blown out, it’s often the texture and drama in that vast cloudy background that really makes the photo.

april_abstracts#3_architecture (4)

When you approach a structure, try to find a crop that makes the reality of the building seem impossible.

april_abstracts#3_architecture (8)

 Find something that repeats, place two or more of them tightly in the frame and you’ll have the potential for a great shot.

april_abstracts#3_architecture (7)

Quote tips are from Marie Gardiner. That’s all for today’s abstractions. I’ll be showing the sum of the parts next!


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  1. These are great, Laura. I especially liked the 4th from the bottom. It reminded me of M. C. Escher (maybe it’s what looks like stairs — but I’m not sure they are? — in the background).

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