I’m a street photographer

I live in the heart of the city and London is my photo project most of the time. Even so I realise many of the images are devoid of people – quite an achievement in some ways.

street artI do admire the journalistic lens – all those photographers that can tell a human story in one frame. It takes a particularly astute eye, patience in waiting for the shot to occur, and a fast draw on the shutter. people along Regents Park thoroughfare

I’ve tried a few projects but candid photography does not really suit my more introverted, camera-shy self  so when not in crowded places,  people are more like accidental tourists that hove in to view at the last moment. Or with back, side or distant views, they offer a point of interest to a scene.

I am not sure which of the two walkway shots above I prefer – with or without the passers-by? [click for closer view]

side street off paternoster square
Paternoster Lane 
Mercer street, city of london
Mercer Street

So I continue to take photos of London streets – alleys, side turnings, roads etc. I think it is the architectural framing I enjoy, the long perspective, the bends that draw the eye. Whatever it is, it’s what makes me a street photographer!

portait of a street photographer

9 thoughts on “I’m a street photographer

  1. Dear Laura, I am much more like you as far as camera shy than I care to really admit, thus much of the time when adding people to an image, I do not use my eye to direct the shot but hold the camera at chest level or waist level and keep my finger on the button while aimed in the direction of the wanted image. Then crop when I have a decent image. One of the great advantages of the digital world.

    1. Good way round the problem though I am trying keep true to the original shot without the crop I think if we had a waist-level Rolleiflex-style we could be more directly less obvious(!)
      – see how Photographer Paul Richters turned his Canon PowerShot N compact camera into a little Rolleiflex-lookalike

  2. I like your definition of street photographer! I’m the same in that sense. I’m just not good at taking shots of people I don’t know. It feels intrusive.
    I like your street scenes. 🙂

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