April armature

It’s gone at last! April in London has been a drab, chilly affair – overcast and wet, with one or two days of blistering sunshine, only to end on a very cold note (11C yesterday)april_tree_outlines_monochrome (6)

Welcome May – my favourite month – all froth and fulsome but the cooler weather has delayed Spring somewhat and whilst there is time, I can still appreciate the contours of trees before the armature of trunk and branch is hidden.

After all why do we bother with garden art and sculptures when we have these?

And all the while of course there are the evergreens like pine and cedar which give continual colour and texture. Come the leafy months, we tend not to notice them.

Crowned, lofty scion of the pine
Whence Gothic architect’s design
Derived the grace and power
Henrik Wergeland

Here’s hoping May is balmy!


10 thoughts on “April armature

  1. Yes April was drab, cold and wet here too and now May has begun…my favorite month too. And I am savoring the strangeness of this May spring as it is almost 2 months thrown together as spring starts to unfold.

      1. Donna Donabella

        Me too but this year it was excessive. We have warmed to high 70s already which is also unseasonable but I will love every second of it. Hope yours turns warmer soon.

  2. 11 C yesterday?! Hope it will warm up. These tree photos are beautiful. You are showing different angles to appreciate the beauty. Thank you, Laura!

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