Appearances #2

Grosvenor Square as we rarely see it – the weekend thunderstorms overwhelmed the storm drains. With the move  of the American Embassy away from here, the area is poised to be London’s number one residential address again, this time for the nouveau aristocracy. The Grosvenor Company are apparently committed to keeping this a public square.grosvenor square puddle with trees

Appearances: a series of shadows and reflections without their counterparts!


4 thoughts on “Appearances #2

  1. Oh I like this, Laura. Your reflected view. Of course my increasingly left-leaning tendencies would say the likes of the Grosvenor dynasty have a lot to answer for when it comes to other people’s living arrangements.

    1. thank you Tish – I think I lean both ways and the so called gentrification of London with new, old and funny money makes a Leveller of me
      p.s. another downpour today and I returned from the gym having a lot in common with a drowned rat – how is it in your neck of the woods?

      1. Slightly steamy and misty. The rain is reaching us tomorrow if one can fathom the Beeb’s statistic-ridden forecasts. Am impressed you go to the gym.

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