Seeing is not believing

Brenda’s photo study this week resonated strongly with me. She takes the lessons from Cemal Ekin’s article and follows his simple exercise in improving seeing as a photographer.

  • The setting is one location only
  • The time taken 15 minutes
  • The format is square – cropped or set  at 1:1
  • The maximum is 30 photos

It took me a while to unregister the items and seek patterns – click for closer look

try to focus on things that normally escape your attention… Look for texture, lines, shapes, forms rather than “things” to photograph” Cemal Ekin

Rather like drawing with the right side of the brain, I started to focus more on light and shade – offsetting also helped

Link to Brenda’s post if you want to experiment with seeing in squares.

Postscript: Since Becky is making June squares a rooftop theme, here are three I cropped though I shall venture forth with camera set on 1:1 before the end of the month!


16 thoughts on “Seeing is not believing

  1. Ooh thanks for sharing Brenda’s photo study. Just love what you’ve done, and feeling very honoured you’ve included me too. Really like your first roof square and can’t wait to see what happens when you go out exploring.

  2. Laura, I am inspired by your images! I think while doing my exercise my mind was focused more on things and less than shape, lines, texture..your photos helped me understand the difference in a new way. Thank you!

  3. Laura, I am delighted to see the word spreading! Photography relies on our eyes more than our cameras. With practice, one can even learn to see “frames” while searching for photographs to record. Keep looking to see!

  4. Interesting look at light and patterns. I like all of your shots, but especially love the ripples in the tablecloth in the fork & knife image. I might have to give this a try. I’ve been playing a lot lately. 🙂

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