Switching focus

Some of you may know I run two blogs – dedicated to either photography or writing. The split seemed logical but feels somewhat cumbersome and so I am combining two into one – an adfree one as what is the point of displaying one’s images or words when there are ugly adverts in the way.

  • When? July 27th – after my birthday break
  • Where? Watch this space!!
out of focus makes interesting abstracts

Currently am in the process of exporting and importing so some of this blog will go over, and most of my other blog will be there. I am quite pleased that so far, I have managed without the £100+ aid of WordPress technicians.

Categories are the most cumbersome to handle as I am converting some to Pages – and the only loss so far are the post likes. Has anyone else done the move?



15 thoughts on “Switching focus

      1. Oh I’ve been looking into portfolio pages for a while, and though I followed the instructions, I could never get a portfolio page to show up. Given up… for now.

  1. Good luck with the move, and well done for not needing to pay the £100! I’ve not tried anything as adventurous – but one day I hope to pluck up the courage to change my blog’s url (I think that’s what you call the thing that appears in the address bar!).

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