catching butterflies collageDid I ever tell you,
Roses are my favorite,
In all colours,
With cherry blossoms round the edges,
And mint leaves on the side,

It was forget-me-nots,
When I was five,
But I still love their violet-blue,
And yellow freckles of pollen,
That melt with your eyes,

I liked sugar cubes then,
And honey in my tea,
With petals on my cake,
And I never screamed about bees,
When I played with the lavender,

I used to believe more,
Thinking everything was beautiful,
Like I could just lie on the grass,
Drinking lemonade forever,
And catching butterflies

No need for me to put together a bio when Nicola-Isobel H has captured the essence in her poem Catching Butterflies


27 thoughts on “Biopic

  1. Thanks for the follow of my site. I love poetry and will happily oblige a follow of you. I wrote my own biopic along the same line as this. I titled it “Less About Me”.
    You might enjoy.
    Alexandria Sage

  2. just thought i’d visit a bit and thank you for liking my words on 20 Lines today, the encouragement is very much appreciated.

    this poem would work quite well on my ‘About’ page as well, made me nostalgic. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hello Laura! I appreciate you visiting by my blog. Thank you for the follow. You have great pictures here. Looking forward to see more. Keep the camera clicking!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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