ICM: Afternoon at the museum

ICM - people visiting the British museumThe contrast between the momentum of visitors streaming into the museum with the static nature of exhibits is stark so I experimented with some intentional camera movement. [All were taken on the same shutter speed – 0.2s/1/5]
ICM - vases at the British museum Imagine how these vases were shaped on the revolutions of the potter’s wheel
ICM - female statue at the British museum The notation describes this statuesque woman’s sculpted garments as diaphanous – now I can imagine that!

And surely the dancing girl is shaped to move – faster and faster….

Wishing everyone celebrating a Thanksgiving weekend a good feast, and for the rest of us, I hope it does not move too fast before Monday…
Why not try some ICM – “Don’t let yourself be locked in to only stable, tack-sharp photographs” – Creative reasons to use ICM

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