A statue of a poor Victorian girl with her water bowl filled from the heavens. She stands on a public drinking fountain as the donor, Lady Somerset and her society, were encouraging temperance at a time when clean water was not so readily available to many. And still in keeping with the point of the message, are the drinkers who sit around or sleep it off, on the public benches of the embankment gardens.

Lady Somerset and temperance statue in embankment gardens
“I was thirsty and ye gave me drink.” – inscription

I have featured this statue before as I have a special liking for her – there is a tangible sense of thankfulness sculpted into the girl’s expression and in the way she holds the bowl. Especially so when the late wintry sun sheds some its gold tones onto her outstretched hands.

Comment: Many of us in the West do not drink the tap water – I certainly eschew boiling it for hot drinks and so bottled mineral water is popular (think of all that plastic!). Now in California there is a health trend to drink untreated water! Meanwhile 1 in 10 people in the world lack access to clean water – see charity water

Postscript: As of tomorrow I shall be having surgery on my hand and so will be a plastered (in the sober sense) one handed blogger for six weeks or so.