TT: Synergy

A small jumping spider resides in the brickwork around the kitchen window. Through Spring and Summer it constructs a variety of  safety-net like webs. Designed as catch traps and handily anchored to one or other plants in my windowsill herb garden. The blooms draw in a number of pollinators – at the moment the chives have a full head of flowers and this hoverfly is a regular visitor. The web usually only traps the minute aphids and the occasional unfortunate bee or wasp which I suspect is too big for its appetite and so it will cut it out of the web.

Today’s triptych gallery is thus a picture of synergy. – click for closer view

Twosome Tuesdays aka diptych delirium (sometimes triptychs) – seamlessly blended, juxtaposed or superimposed in consensual interaction

ID Postscript: Hoverflies NatureSpot

diptera chives
(Diptera ?Eupeodes luniger).