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Dear Readers

graffitimouseI have given up moaning and complaining for Lent as I do far too much of it – but nevertheless cannot desist from making this somewhat negative observation that each rollout of WordPress’s reader makes viewing less appealing and blog visits even more clicks away.

Image format posts are sliced like a header whilst galleries are stripped down to just a permalink title so I want to thank all those who bothered to click on and find my last but one gallery post of the Bow Bells trio.

I am not alone in noticing that site visits and comments are falling off and wonder how much is attributable to the new reader interface,  a general blog weariness or Northern hemisphere hibernation.

Still Spring is officially here with the weekend’s vernal equinox and I shall be away,  inhaling some sea air. Meanwhile London’s parks are offering up a gallery of Spring delights. Goodbye winter!

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