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Photography is not about selecting buttons and switches on a highly sophisticated piece of electronic and optical equipment. Photography is about light. (Darren Rowse)

I’d had my Panasonic Lumix G6 for 9 months before venturing into the mystifying world of the manual mode. So what  held me back?

1. Understanding the owner’s manual: Visually indigestible in its fit-the-box format, I’d just not bothered to delve too deeply. But why had I not thought of reading it online?! DMC-G6K/DMC-G6 Owners Manual
… And take it further

2. Understanding the camera: The DSLR is a sophisticated and complex equipment with menus and submenus. Hence the safe option is to hang on to auto mode especially since the results are satisfactory enough. However, I felt encouraged to delve into manual mode with Leanne Cole’s online: Beginners basics for your DSLR. That encouraged me to go further and take a course at the local college.

3. Understanding the Three Basic Elements of Photography: What is it about the menage-a-trois of Aperture, Shutter, ISO that is so baffling? The formulae still slips from the grasp so here are reminders:

Tech Radar

4. Links to camera specifics

5. Links to photography specifics

6. Links to photography themes:

    • Street Photography
      •  Joshuah K Jackson– London Street Photography
      • 1-50-tips-cover
        Shooter Files – great resource for street photographers

      Please feel free to suggest any links that might be a good addition here


9 thoughts on “Photography help

  1. Bonjour Laura

    All of the above strike a chord – l was gifted my daughters Canon DSLR EOS 450D earlier this year and l still havent been able to figure out how to use it manually – l usually put it on the A-DEP setting and hope for the best. Now, inspired by you l will try and get my head around the rather frightening manual and read the above qoted info. I will probably start with Leanne Cole as l am a big fan of her work – and yours by the way.



  2. I too have decided to try and leave auto-mode behind … a bit. I’ve recently bought the Lumix DMC FZ200 and have been avidly watching videos by Graham Houghton He’s been a life-saver. I’ve also bought his book. Also purchased Bryan Peterson’s book ‘Understanding Exposure’. It seems like a long learning process with a lot of experimenting along the way, but great fun!

  3. Taking that step out of the familiar is scary, but so much easier with a digital camera when your mistakes can be deleted without anyone seeing thrm. There’s never been a better time to experiment. I’ll check out the links shared above. Thanks. Eileen 🙂

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