April showers

There have been downpours, sleet and even some snow these last few weeks. Now we are in the season of April showers so it is bound not to dry up soon. Not only is it cold and uninviting to saunter out of doors but the poor lighting provides few opportunities for the humble photographer. Still there are times I just have to escape and embrace the day, whatever the weather.

In the process (and in the north-east lee of St Paul’s cathedral) I discovered the remarkable church of St-Vedast-alias-Foster, with its bare acer tree as centre piece of the cobbled courtyard. A post-inferno Wren construct and post-firebombed salvage for an Anglican community and dedicated to a rather obscure French saint. (It’s baroque steeple I featured here.)

Venturing into St Paul’s churchyard I took aim for the umpteenth time at Becket – or rather Copnall’s defensively posed statue of this posthumous St Thomas. The simulated moment of his assassination captured in bronzed resin  (he was murdered at Canterbury cathedral but born in nearby Cheapside, hence one reason for his prescence here).

Becket statue in a rainy St Paul’s churchyard

I’ve never succeeded at a good shot of the statue but the rain pooling in an indented wound completes the drama of the high contrast.

And no rainy photo session is complete without a puddled pavement that offers glimpses into the city below.

“If the world around seems black and white, start using that to your advantage and practice more black and while photography.”*

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