Introspectives #26

As the #MarchSquare challenge is soon heading for closure, I’m deliberating on this one aspect of aspect ratio today. Though Instagram has popularised it recently, as Polaroids did back in the 70s, the original cameras such as the Rollie in 1929, were in fact square format.


“Shapes become stronger in black and white photos as there is no distraction of colour.”

I’ve a number of 4:3 images which had lingered on the hard drive, having too much empty space in them to warrant showing (as opposed to desirable negative space). Cropping as 1:1 has brought them to life.


“When you crop from a 35mm frame to a square, you are discarding a third of the photo. The strongest two-thirds are left, and the image is sometimes stronger as a result.


“Whether it’s circles, squares, rectangles or triangles, the technique of composing using geometric shapes within the square format is very powerful”.

Becky’s  #March Square challenge is either squares within squares or a squared circle. It has brought me out of the 4:3 rut and made me consider capturing images in other aspect ratios too. Watch this space



Introspectives: Thinking out loud with an aim to improve and learn more about photography. Hence the images are not always for show – feedback is welcome.
All quotes from ‘A guide to producing beautiful square format images‘ – well worth a read.