6 year flight

Got the  badge yesterday as a reminder that it has been six years since I started with WordPress – that means six smokeless years as blogging became a handy substitute for cigarettes – that and my Ricoh camera which sadly hit the dust literally and metaphorically back in 2016 ( see my last ramble with Ricoh).  That camera gave me a love of monochrome with its additional treacly high contrast and stencil effect text modes.

To date, black and white is evidently still a favourite mood but it suits so many scenarios so here are six as yet unseen photos for this blog’s anniversary.

gravestones and grass - monochrome
you don’t have to be melancholy to make churchyards a subject for photography
street photo - high contrast monochrome
street shots work well in mono as it blends subjects into the one story
millenium bridge - monochrome
bridging the skies with drama
cloudscape over walthamstow marshes - monocrhome
greyscale cloudscapes
monochrome gladioli
glamorous pink gladioli muted in monochrome
grandson portrait in monochrome
portrait of a photographer in the making