Adjustments for 2018

Last year’s plans like all those of mice and men, went a little awry. 2017 brought both illness and injury as setback so I remain in London for the time being but it is no great burden with so much to do and see [click for closer look]


Besides, it’s an opportunity for more cityscapes as well as street shots, even if I still feel awkward photographing people up close and personal.

1 + 1 makes One

And as to photography plans for the coming year – I still enjoy the occasional dip into diptychs on ‘Twosome Tuesdays‘ so will continue on occasion with these…

…but the ‘Walls and Windows‘ theme will shift focus and split into two:-
~ Appearances – encompassing all kinds of reflection as well as shadows
~ Waywards –  stairways, doorways, passageways etc


Whist I am not committed to regular posts, I find nominal themes on days of the week a helpful prompt so will probably still participate with Mundane Mondays as well as alternating sometimes between the informal Flora on Fridays and my own Freeing up Fridays for getting some ICM practice in.


For all the gorgeousness of colour, black and white remains my favourite mode and it will continue to feature prominently, with and without high contrast, not least for architectural aspects as well as street photography.


It is evident from all the above that my subject matter is at best eclectic and at worst, all over the place. This year I hope to hone it down somehow, somewhere!

I’ve somewhat drastically pruned back my network of fellow bloggers not least because of the time factor involved in making virtual visits and commenting. I usually only pass by with a fleeting ‘like’ if I cannot think of something better to say than a clichéd comment.
And to all you lovely blog visitors, I send many thanks and the very best of wishes for 2018

Postscript: Since the loss of the Ricoh CX3, my iPhone 5c has become second shooter and a number of the above captures were taken with it. In aiming to become a better photographer, I am putting less blame on my tools! And after all, my latest addition of new/old Polaroid Spectra is nothing short of basic. It just needs me to adjust to having a viewfinder slightly offside of the framing.polaroid#1_2017Christmas