Adjustments for 2017

I’d  been so busy before and after Chanukkah and Christmas that I left my blog(s) mouldering in thin air. No neat closure to December and thus not with a bang but a whimper went 2016 into the blogosphere.


2017 emphasises the forward facing face of Janus. I have no New Year’s resolutions as such but there will have to be a life changing move which will require some adjustments :

    • lift the barriers of negativity and gently ease the roots that clutch


    •  be more daring with the delete button and dump the acquisitive accretions of the years – both virtually and in the real world.
    • make a prayer to the Almighty and a leap of faith on self-reliance within the safety net of family support


    • be prepared for loss and grief but keep at least one eye on the bright side


    • Remember that the path is one that many have trodden before


As for blogging I guess I’ll just keep blogging along with photography here and some poetry & prose there

Happy New Year ♥